Examiner.com: Quixote Studios debut the Verde eco-lux celebrity motorhome in NYC

Los Angeles based Quixote Studios debuted their latest eco-designed Verde motorhome in the “Big Apple” (NYC) yesterday. The Quixote Verde – a state-of-the-art luxury motorhome – is a mobile production platform that’s built specifically to meet the needs of celebrities and agencies whilst on location. From the sleek, wireless-ready office space to the spacious double-basin salon, the Quixote Verde eco-lux motorhome caters to an artist’s every whim.

Examiner.com: Stars of stage and screen pampered in Quixote Motorhomes

In 1992, when Mikel Elliot began driving commercial photographers from one shoot to another in a large motorhome he probably had no idea that his small fledgling company would grow into one of the leading media production studios in Hollywood. By 1995 the company had a new business partner, longtime friend Jordan Kitaen, three pimped out custom-built Motorhomes and a new name – Quixote. The company moniker is derived from Cervantes’ leading player – Don Quixote and, in some respects, Quixote’s fortunes seem to have paralleled those of their fictional namesake. Just before Don Quixote begins his valiant attack on the giants (windmills) arrayed before him, he utters the words, “Fortune is guiding our affairs better than we ourselves could have wished,” and so it is with Quixote Studios who, from humble beginnings, have grown into one of Hollywood’s leading media production companies.