Shot At Q: Cardi B for Billboard

Cardi B was crowned Billboard’s Woman of the Year for 2020. We take you behind the scenes of the iconic shoot shot at our West Hollywood facilities on Stage 1. Click here for the full interview on Billboard. Photography by AB+DM StudioPhoto assistance by Brad Nelson and Jacob BollStyling by Kollin CarterHair by Kellon DeryckMake up by Priscilla Ono

Viola Davis for InStyle

For the December cover of InStyle Magazine, Viola Davis shines bright, talking all things Ma Rainey (her new Netflix film) and touches on her Quarantine experience. We provided the photo rentals to photo duo, AB+DM Studio for this on location shoot. Photography by AB+DM (The Only Agency) Hair by Jamika Wilson Styled by Elizabeth Stewart Makeup by Sergio Lopez-Rivera

It’s not Hollywood; it’s New York film production

When there are blocks of film production vehicles on the street of New York, there’s an all-too-common sentiment that “Hollywood” has invaded the Big Apple and successfully inconveniencing the locals. While no one can deny that a Production Assistant on ‘lock-up’ rarely gets a round of applause for asking pedestrian traffic to halt until the walkie talkie mic emits a crackly “cut”, but we do know that the hundreds of crew on said production are …

What does the election mean for the film industry in New York?

Now that a global sigh of relief is fully exhaled and president-elect Joe Biden is putting his transition team together, as advocates for film industry small businesses and vendors, we must grasp the full reality for an economic recovery for New York state and accomplish everything possible as an industry to place a firm hand on the rudder to sail out of choppy economic waters. FEDERAL AID IN THE BALANCE Governor Cuomo’s Budget Office has …

JLO and Maluma Billboard Covershoot

Last month, JLO and Maluma graced the cover of Billboard’s 2020 Latin issue to promote their new film, Marry Me. Quixote Photo Rentals provided gear and equipment for this on location shoot. For more visit Billboard. Photography by Ramona Rosales Grooming by Christina Guerra Styling Assistants Kofi Richmond and Edgar Estrada. Hair by Chris Appleton Makeup by Mary Phillips

Storm Reid for Instyle

Euphoria star, Storm Reid graces the cover of InStyle Magazine this November and we can’t get enough of the beautiful looks. From 70’s prints to polka dot overload, the actress truly shined. For this shoot, Quixote Photo Rentals and Lighting were rented to bring this shoot to life. Head to InStyle for more. Photographs by AB+DM Styling by Jason Bolden Hair by Shawnna Courtney Makeup by Joanna Simkin for The Wall Group Production by Kelsey …

Covid Confidential by Versatile Studios

At the beginning of the pandemic, we sat down with Versatile Studios at our West Hollywood location in our Dark Room to discuss Covid19 and how various industry leaders dealt with its impact. Versatile Studios created this series as a way to connect and count on each other to stay safe and get back to work. Get up close and personal with the people that came together for this Covid shoot. Head to Covid Confidential …

Shot At Q: Lil Nas X for The Guardian

In March, Lil Nas X and The Guardian shot at our West Hollywood location on Stage 3. Learn how Lil Nas X went from blending in to standing out and how he is now a figurehead in the LGBTQ community. Read the full article here. Photography: Mary Rozzi Styling: Hodo Musa Crown: Lauren Machen/Lalaland Producer: Kate Edwards


People are taking to the streets nationwide to protest the injustice of yet another member of the African American Community whose life was unjustly taken at the hands of law enforcement. They are using their voices to protest and show their angst in the perpetuation of racism. We are compelled to address this issue, as many have been subjected to racism throughout their lives as African Americans. I personally have been a target of racist …

THR: Power Stylists Issue

Last month The Hollywood Reporter utilized our West Hollywood facility to shoot Zoey Deutch and her stylist Elizabeth Stewart as well as Ana de Armas and her stylist Karla Welch for the Power Stylists issue. Other covers affiliated were Brie Larson and Tessa Thompson’s covers which utilized Quixote Photo Rentals. To learn more about the women behind Hollywood’s It Girls head to THR for more. Photography by Ramona Roales, Yuri Hasegawa, Kwaku Alston Styled by …