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Handed down from generation to generation, these are the inconceivable origins of a premium studio services company.

Read on, and tremble at the merciless takeover of Los Angeles media production by two UCLA English majors. And discover, if you dare, the dubious inspiration behind and mystifying pronunciation of the name Quixote (kee-HO-tay).

How did Quixote become one of the most trusted and successful media production studios in Hollywood and other fictional universes?

It began countless ages ago in 1992 when Mikel Elliott began driving commercial photographers from shoot to shoot in a big, comfy motorhome. Growing demand for his transport services inspired Mikel to purchase another rig and enlist his old college buddy, Jordan Kitaen, to take the helm of the other half of his massive dual-vehicle fleet. By the time they began customizing their third motorhome, the two impetuous Los Angeles natives realized that beyond just offering basic transportation, their business could change the face of film and production services.

La Cienega Lost August 1995
Founders Jordan Kitaen Mikel Elliott<br>circa 1995
First ever Quixote business card with original logo
First ever Quixote business card with original logo

But that business would need a name. A name that inspired confidence.

They chose the moniker of an insane farmer from a 17th-century novel. In the story Don Quixote de la Mancha, Don Quixote reads so many novels about knights in shining armor, he starts to believe he is one. And so he sets off, with rusty sword and battered shield in hand, to fight for the honor of his fair lady, Dulcinea. Despite the fact that Quixote promptly loses several altercations with windmills, it is his relentless optimism and dogged refusal to accept the limits of reality that makes him the perfect model for Mikel and Jordan’s business.

Quixote Studios’ commitment and ideals are equally unwavering and unquestionable.

That’s why, to this day, Quixote employees think of themselves as soldiers of fortune, trained to disregard the limits of reality—or pains of inconvenience—when it comes to supplying stages, equipment, and vehicles to the entertainment industry. Some might call that crazy.
We prefer to call it Quixote.

Jordan Mikel at the building of the North Valley Studios August 2018
Jordan Mikel at the building of the North Valley Studios August 2018

Our Timeline

Company Timeline

Decked-out for production, three custom-built motorhomes begin serving location photo shoots

Kickin Tires on 3rd Bounder 1995
& occasionally margaritas

This photo became famous for the Jean Shorts, Repos…

La Cienega Lot August 1995 cropped

and Finally the Birthplace of Quixote!


As we grew along with our clients, we did some jobs for trade

First Quixote Print Ad 1995

The local taco stand however did not accept copies of our ad in exchange for food


Our first multi-studio photo/event facility at 7070 Santa Monica Blvd is opened

The for Hollywood supremacy begins

Our first multi studio photoevent facility is opened


The world’s first pop-out production trailer, “Q1” is unveiled


Production is not sure what to do with the additional space. The days of producing in a sardine can are over.


Expanded to a larger facility 40,000 sq. ft. studio in West Hollywood

Partners at Fuller 2005

SBA Loan comes through and South Park throws their Halloween Party at Fuller. Giorgio Armani comes calling and throws a party you heard about, but couldn’t get into. (Tipping point is achieved)


Studio Store opens

Briefly refers to itself as the “Production Home Depot of Studio Stores,” until a cease-and-desist letter puts an end to that


Quixote Acquires Sunset Expendables

See Devil Lights 4

The production landscape starts to change in a tidal wave of Quixote Blue


We turned 10 years young!

10 Year Birthday

& We’re just getting started


5 new stages in Griffith Park

Freakishly rapid growth blamed on a pituitary-gland disorder


We merged photo assets with Smashbox to create Smashbox LLC

Quixbox LLC just doesn’t have the same ring



The Fast & Easy Warehouse is born

Exterior of The Fast Easy Warehouse

Fast and Easy branding starts generating the wrong kind of crowd. Cahuenga quickly pivots to Q Drive Thru


Production trailer fleet increases in size by 40% after the acquisition of a competitor

Q7 Fleet

We’re going to need a bigger lot


First Verde production vehicle hits the streets

LA Production Verde Exterior V2 Mt 0

Paint the town Green


First Barbie at the Q

2010 Barbie at the Q Invite

A summer kick-off sensation is started. PAs swarm the keg, freelancers embrace the free Mai Tais.


We break ground on two giant sound stages in New Orleans

NOLA Location

The “Big Easy” just got Easier.


Celebrity trailer world forever changed by the acquisition of Movie Movers

Competitors consider getting out of the business


After breaking out of its cage at the “Drive-Thru Warehouse,” Photo Rentals is moved to its own location on historic route 66

Photo Rentals Annex Building

National landmark status coming soon


Proudly celebrating 20 Legendary years!

Quixote gets away with Pearl Jam Cover band in the parking lot and a 30′ flame thrower


Quixote Atlanta moves to a new Headquarters

Atlanta Building

The Peach State embraces Quixote warmly


G&L operation moves to massive new headquarters in downtown Pacoima

Commercial land values immediately skyrocket


Production Supplies goes bi-coastal with the acquisition of NYC based One Drop Rentals

Brooklyn drive-thru warehouse is quickly repurposed to mirror Hollywood location


Massive new vehicle facility opens in the Meadowlands, NJ

Career Page Locations Color 1

NY Giants Football fans rejoice! Tailgate options dramatically improve with Verde options sitting next door.


The North Valley studios officially open Sony and Disney are quick to book

Quixote Studios North Valley Ribbon Cutting 1

Backlot expands an additional 8 acres. Local politicians praise the increase of jobs


Covid-19 Pandemic brings the world to a crashing halt

Quixote VIP Ad 2021 Safe Set

We dig deep and deliver the SAFE SET program; an entire line of products designed to protect crews’ health


Stage 4

Stage 4 Exterior

Right nexto to our fast & easy production warehouse.


Sylmar Studios

Sylmar Exterior Branding Comps

Situated next to some lovely ranch property, Quixote repurposes an old furniture warehouse into Class A Stages


We acquire Hudson Radio of Brooklyn, making it nearly impossible to count all of the walkies now in our inventory

Hudson Radios Team

The FCC overwhelmingly approves the smallish merger while the NY Production community radios “that’s a big 10-4!”


After acquiring TPT (The Production Truck), calls regarding oil viscosity increased ten-fold

The Production Truck

We soon realized they are trying to reach “STP.” Burbank rolls out the red carpet as Quixote Production Supplies becomes an 800 lb. Gorilla overnight


Electric Verde

Electric Case Verse EXT

Quiet, Clean, and Super Lux. The planet smiles again!



Quixote Bourbon Feature

Please Dream Responsibly. The “Spirit of Hollywood” is born.


Expanded the Quixote North Valley campus by 170k sq. ft. with stages 16-20

Quixote North Valley Extension Rendering

The city of Pacoima elected to change its name to Q-ville. Mikel, CEO is asked to run for City Council


Chandler Studios

Former home of The Office and Dunder Mifflin.


Hudson Pacific Properties acquires Quixote for $360M

Quixote Career Page Types of Positions

THR calls the combined entity a “Studio Services, Soundstage Giant.” (This giant will definitely not be mistaken for a windmill.)

What a Journey!

Thanks for going along with us…
We couldn’t have made it this far without YOU!

New Quixote Logo Blue