Leadership Team

Mikel Elliott – CEO & Co-Founder
I graduated from UCLA & am the son of a grip from Burbank. This business is in my blood. I love nothing more than coming to work & conjuring up our next Quixote adventure.
Superpower: Self Professed Ping Pong Champ

Jordan Kitaen – Co-Founder
I’m an LA-born UCLA grad with over 25-years in production services, & Passionate as ever about our brand & charging any hill on behalf of our clients.
Superpower: City Welterweight Wrestling Champ, 1984

Olivia Theroux – CFO
I’ve worked in finance & accounting for over 10 years. I love working for a company with a Passionate & Fun culture & a laser focus on growth.
Superpower: Canadian Moose Wrangler

Derick Stace-Naughton – COO
I’ve spent the last decade helping entertainment & technology companies grow. Quixote Studios is a rocket ship & I’m proud to work with some of the best people in this industry.
Secret Weapon: Q-Blue Patagonia Vest

Jeff Arnone – Sr. VP, Sales
This is the only industry I have ever worked in. I get a kick out of building an organization of Fearless teammates dedicated to stellar customer service.
Superpower: 1997 Regional Cross-Fit Champ

Cheryl Huggins – Sr. VP, Studios & Location Rentals
I’ve been in the film/photo industry for over 15 years & have worn many hats at Quixote for over 10. Working with enthusiastic people, managing great teams, & knowing that our customer service is unmatched, motivates me daily.
Superpower: A Large & Loveable Laugh

Michael Sundstrom – VP, Controller
I’ve spent over 15 years in the accounting industry, more than 10 at Quixote. I love laughing with all of the amazing friends I have at Quixote.
Superpower: An Uncanny Cher Impression

Veranika Bahalei – VP, Asset Management
It’s important to love the environment & the people you work with. I appreciate how our leadership values the importance of data analytics in business. It makes my job much more rewarding.
Superpower: A Teller of Fortunes Both Bold & Practical

Sean French – VP, Sales
For over 15 years, I’ve come to work every morning feeling empowered. Quixote is trusting & gives us the freedom to grow as leaders.
Secret Weapon: Bottega Ricoli Vintage Bomber Jacket

Jenn Mullen – VP, Human Relations
I’ve devoted more than a decade of my life to HR, 3 of which have been at Quixote. I’m proud to represent a culture driven company where being “You” is the coolest thing to do.
Secret Weapon: A Colgate Smile

Dave Rinell – VP, Technology
I’ve spent over 25 years building software & systems in the music & entertainment industry. The best thing about Quixote is being a part of a great team & implementing new technology to take us to the next level.
Secret Weapon: The Michael Jordan Hoop Earing