Starwaggons & Zio are now Quixote!

One Call For All Things Transpo | Growing Inventory Of ET’s (Electric Trailers) | Best & Largest Service Team In Hollywood


Passionately supplying the best studios, vehicles & equipment available.


From load-in to load-out, you’re always in for an extraordinary experience.

Commercial Vehicles

Our production vehicles are an extension of our studio experience… on wheels.

Film & TV Vehicles

Ultra-luxury trailers that keep stars happy and comfy & content during a long shoot.


Improved fleet, top-notch customer service, and 24-hour secured parking & returns.

Production Supplies

It’s easier than ever to get all you need for production. Just pull into our drive-thru & we’ll load you up.

Grip & Lighting

Operating from our new 40K sq ft warehouse, we carry every light you need.

Photo Rentals

Wherever your photo shoot happens, we’ve got the vehicles, equipment, and expertise to handle it.


The world’s largest supplier of expendables and tax incentive qualified in 13 states, not just CA, GA & LA!


Complete communication solutions including 2-way radios, wifi hotspots & more available to be shipped nationwide.

Verde matters to us greatly!

So much so that 10 trees will be planted for every Verde trailer or motorhome rental we receive. That’s a lot of trees!


Trees Planted In 2022

The Spirit of Hollywood

Hollywood is where great stories are told and countless dreams come true.
At Quixote, we’re passionate about the art of storytelling. 
Named after the legendary dreamer, we believe if you can dream it, it can be real. 
So keep livin’ the dream.

Quixote… The Spirit of Hollywood

Our Story

Handed down from generation to generation, these are the inconceivable origins of a premium studio services company and the merciless takeover of Los Angeles media production by two UCLA English majors… Discover, if you dare, the dubious inspiration behind and mystifying pronunciation of the name Quixote (kee-HO-tay).

How did Quixote become one of the most trusted and successful media production studios in L.A. and other fictional universes?

People & Culture

We are always on the lookout for great talent in the industry.
Those interested in joining the Q Team can learn more on our Careers page.

Core Values

Our leadership team embodies excellence by being Fearless, Authentic, Strategic & Honorable.
Our communication is always Passionate, Informed Encouraging & Respectful.
We define work standards by nurturing growth & shared values through a culture that is Structured, Accountable, Collaborative, Inspiring & Fun.


We value diversity and are huge fans of Passionate and Authentic Dreamers. We are proud of our unique and fun culture and offer a variety of career paths to make your dream a reality! Those opportunities include positions in our studios, transportation, equipment, production supplies & communication rentals, administrative, facilities & operations departments.


Quixote was an idealist, a dreamer, and a seeker. He traveled to distant lands in search of new adventures. Much like him, we believe in the manifest nature of dreaming. If you can dream it, it can be real. Being quixotic and dreaming big is core to our culture.


Here’s what some of our clients had to say about us…

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