Single Verde

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For your most discerning clients. Ride in style.



Length – 42′
Width – 8.5′
Width Opened – 10′2″


• 7.2kw Generator
• Bose Entertainment System With Flat Screen TV
• Hair And Make-Up Station


At Quixote, Verde matters to us greatly. We believe in the simple notion that as citizens of this planet we have absolutely no choice but to recycle, reuse and re-purpose.
It’s a very small gesture that if repeated the world over, will enable us to preserve the awesome ground beneath us.

Quixote’s Production Verde Keeps Our Planet & Your Production Greener With:
• Quixote engineered Solar/hybrid power system, which delivers quiet energy to power all production must-haves including air-conditioning, heating & wii dance party—with zero emissions. Even after 2nd meal.
• E85 Flex-fueled, bio-alcohol burning Chevy Workhorse chassis. We liken this to a P90X workout fueled by a Paleo diet.
• All construction is done with non-formaldehyde plywood. (Formaldehyde is not good. Think junior high biology class. Frog. Scalpel. Enough said.)
• 2,000 watts of electricity from the sun. That can make a lot of raisins. Or these days, craisins.
• 20 Kilowatt-hours of computer-managed, Lithium-Ion battery storage. Outsourcing storage management to computers seemed like a no-brainer.
• 22,000 BTUs of cooling power delivered by state of the art, split unit DC powered high-efficiency air conditioners. Simply put, we’re talking bionics people.
• Our sofas are filled with natural latex foam, mother nature’s fire retardant – which lowers the amount of highly carcinogenic PDBE. It also lasts waaaay longer, thereby avoiding landfills & man-caves.
• LED lighting throughout. LED advantages include lower energy consumption, longer lifetime, improved physical robustness, smaller size, faster switching and the ability to tout “LED lighting throughout”.
• Breathe easier, literally. The paint is low VOC (volatile organic compound), as is the carpeting (recycled 10% post-consumer, 12% pre-consumer materials). Turns out, not everything organic is good for you.
• The curtains are made from ultra-renewable bamboo and the pillows of 100% Eco-Poly fabric which emit no airborne toxins. Go Ahead. Test them with a breathalyzer.