Hat Samples

Each location would get an even amount of each style of hat with their respective city above “Quixote”

NOLA gets: 97 Total Hats  (w/ NEW ORLEANS) – 32 of each (Corduroy, Camo, Navy)
NY & NJ get: 164 Total Hats  (w/ NEW YORK) – 54 of each (Corduroy, Camo, Navy)
All Los Angeles locations get: 1,239 Total Hats  (w/ HOLLYWOOD) – 413 of each (Corduroy, Camo, Navy
1500 Total Hats

Corduroy w/ White embroidery

Camo w/ Navy embroidery (Solid Navy under bill)

Navy w/ Grey embroidery (Camo under bill)

It’s a little hard to tell the difference between the grey thread on the new sample & the white thread on the old hat in photos, but in person it looks incredible!

Drag the arrows in the center left & right to compare Grey <> White